The right gestures to have during a Nordic spa!

A session at the Nordic spa is obviously beneficial for your physical and mental health. In addition to offering you intense relaxation, Nordic baths soothe the body on several levels, induce restful sleep and help maintain healthy skin. It is a practice that can be chosen at any time of the year, especially in winter, whatever the weather conditions. Again, it is an activity much less expensive than a massage or a treatment and which has equally effective effects.

However, before starting a Nordic spa, you must know what are the objects and the right behaviors to remember, as well as the accessories you must equip yourself to fully enjoy the virtues of the Nordic spa, more details on the Tropicspa site where you can find jacuzzi hot tubs for sale.

What to bring?

Always mandatory: sandals and swimsuit. Quad we are talking about your sandals, they are not sports shoes or chic suede, but plastic flip flops.

You can create a small spa bag that also includes a water bottle, a replacement towel and a bathrobe if you have one. Comb or brush and a plastic bag to put on the wet swimsuit, reading book (not too precious), why not an mp3 player and accessories that can also be useful.

The procedure of a Nordic bath

It is always recommended to take a shower provided on site, just to get in the bath and rinse the layer of weariness collected during the day. Once you've made up your mind, with your swimsuits on your feet and your swimsuits, it's time to come to the site to begin a cycle that includes three stages: with a sauna, a cold bath and a break. To enjoy the virtues of Nordic spas, this cycle is carried out 3 to 4 times. A truly relaxing process. It should be noted that it is also advisable to drink water during the session. Consider drinking beforehand, before the session begins. Thus, the sweating will be more abundant when the time comes.

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